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Martine GLOD


Blue square, wall painting , Laboratorium, Institut for contemporary art, Saarlouis 2007 

Color as light, Project : Inszeniertes Fenster, Light Installation, Saarbrücken 2007

Spirit of the time, Light Installation, Sacral Spaces, KHG, Bonn 2009

Body + Water, Video Loop, 3 min., Carrérotondes, Luxembourg, 2012

Constellation, Wall objects (Felt tapes and cloth tapes, Ø between 5cm and 50cm) LES ANNEXES Bourglinster, 2013

From the top to the bottom, light installation, Galerie Bradtke, Luxembourg, 2014

Tower of Babel, light and video installation, Uecht collectif exhibition, Esch-sur-Alzette, 2017

Augen in der Grossstadt, Illuminale 03, Neustrasse, Trier, 2017

Time to shine, Lankelz, CUEVA, Esch-sur-Alzette, 2018

Charcoal-gray, White & Beige, INTRO Installation, Season 1/ Episode 11 , Galerie Beim Engel, Luxembourg 2018

Loop - L'exposition, Rotondes, 2019

Summer Residence Walfer Kulturschapp, Installation - Martine Glod, 2019